Silverstone – the upgrade begins!!

Pit Lane exit begins
Pit Lane exit begins

Despite winning “Best Track” at the UK Slotcar Festival in May this year we always knew that our version of Silverstone was lacking one very important feature in a Digital track – a working Pit Lane!  Without that you simply can’t do refuelling or impose ‘drive through’ or ‘stop and go’ penalties for jumpstarts or ‘causing unnecessary collisions’. This is all part of what digital racers have come  love and to expect!   In the rush to complete the track for the Festival there simply wasn’t time to do it so it needs to be added now.  This will mean re-designing and re-cutting 5 of the 19 panels but we feel it is essential so we have begun.  Here is a picture of what will become the pit lane exit.  As – in reality – the new international Pit lane emerges into a bend it isn’t possible to use the standard Scalextric pit lane exit, so we will need to chop some pieces of track and create a new piece where a single lane curve merges into the outside lane of a Radius 4 bend.  We hope that won’t be too difficult.  The other panels can then follow.  Come back to see how it progresses.

2 thoughts on “Silverstone – the upgrade begins!!

  1. James says:

    I’m pleased you are adding the pit lane as its the icing on the cake to a very exciting project. I cant wait to see the finished product :-).

    • David Jessett says:

      Thanks, James, We will get some more pictures of it up soon. The CAD takes a while but we are getting there.

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