New Barcelona track coming soon – we hope!

Yes, with the UK Slot Car Festival coming again soon we are working on a large version of the Catalunya circuit at Barcelona.  When we built our Silverstone two years ago we used sand for paths and Summer Grass ‘flock’ for grassed areas, both over an earth brown emulsion base coat.  The ‘grass’ came out looking very lush and green which was fine for Northamptonshire but North East Spain is much hotter and dryer so we wanted to make it look a bit less ‘grassy’.  We came up with the rather simple idea of mixing sand and grass together and applying that mix – again over a brown base coat.  We are happy with the results.  The first picture shows sand and grass separately and the second is the mix.

Sand and grass separately





The cover image is a picture of the Pit area where the garages will be.

Mix of sand and grass (sand and flock)

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