Just two days to go!

So only two days left before the start of the UK Slotcar Festival at the British Motor Museum, just off the M40 at Gaydon in Warwickshire. We had a busy day yesterday getting ready. We were selecting a modular track, checking cars, taking pictures for the headers and instructions of our new figures and collecting the first production runs from our metal casting man. Here are the pics. The marshals can be made up in several ways, depending on who gets to hold the safety car board and who gets to wave the flag! As another variation they look pretty good with neither. And the spectators have now made it to the grandstand, ready to watch the racing at the weekend!!

Fig. 13 Safety Car deployed. No overtaking.
Fig. 13. A quieter moment. No flags or boards.



Fig. 15 2 female and 1 male seated spectators.


Fig. 14. 2 male and 1 female seated spectators.


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