Christmas is coming!

So when your wife, partner, girlfriend (or their male equivalents) asks you what they want to buy you, here is the perfect answer to spare you from getting another shirt, jumper, etc which you don’t really need or want.

From time to time people have said that they want to make a Press Area or a Hospitality area on their track but they really need a few figures from one of our sets and a couple from another one and maybe one or two from yet another one.  So now we have made this much easier for you by taking relevant figures from any of our sets and creating two new moulds one for a Press area and one for a Hospitality area. We have added some suitable accessories (railings, chairs, etc), so now you can buy all you need to make either of those areas.

And of course the extra bonus is that painting the figures will give you something to do during those long winter evenings!!


Hospitality area figures

We aren’t quite sure what to call them yet and are still finalising the prices but they will be launched at the Show next Sunday and available through the website after that.



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