A visit to Bearwood Scalextric club

Guy and I had a very enjoyable evening visiting Bearwood Scalextric Club on their club night last week.  It was a free practice evening so a nice relaxed atmosphere. and a friendly group of people, with a good spread of ages.   Despite it being a freezing night (it started to snow while we were there) the place was pleasantly warm and our thanks are due to Graham, Will, Steve, Paul and the others who made us very welcome.

The track is a 4 lane, analogue, Scalextric plastic track (see the pictures above and below) with a good degree of scenery and people seemed to be trying out all sorts of cars.  Someone even lent Guy a transit van to try out but inevitably it had a tendency to fall over if it so much as saw a bend!

It would be interesting to see how a race night is so I may have to go back another time!!  Thanks guys for a good evening!

Dave Jessett

Bearwood Club track
Bearwood Club track











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