How To: Fit tyre walls

Our tyre walls were the first ‘product’ in our range and have probably been  our best selling item.  Together with the clips for plastic track or clips for wood they allow you to create a realistic way of protecting crashing cars from too much damage.  Here is how to use the fixing clips to position tyre wall sections.  We will add pictures shortly.

1. Clips for plastic track.

If you are using plastic track on top of a table carpet or floor you can use our clips for plastic track to attach tyres either to the edge of the track or to a border.

Begin by simply laying out the tyre wall pieces end to end around the bend where you want them to go.

Then take 2 clips per piece of tyre wall and clip the first one under the edge of the track or border with the tall ‘tower’ part nearest to the track.  (The profile of Scalextric track and borders doesn’t allow you to clip it anywhere because there are ribs in them to strengthen them.  So find a place where you can clip it on.)

Push the end hole of the first piece of tyre wall down over the tower see where the other end comes.  Try to fix the  second clip so that the last tyre ‘stack’ can be pushed down over that.  (If there is a rib in the way simply move the clip to the fourth hole.)

Repeat with the remainder of the tyre sections. .



2. Clips for wood

If you have a wooden base or especially if you have cut wood to go round the track and level the surround up to the track surface you can use our clips for wood to install tyres at more of a distance from the track – allowing people who spin off to clear the track itself.  These are also very simple to use.

Again lay out the tyre wall sections where you want them to be.

Push a pencil down the end holes and mark a centre point.

Remove the tyres and drill a 5mm hole at each mark.

Tap the pegs of the wood clips into the holes.  (If they are too tight just put the drill bit back into the hole and ‘waggle’ it a bit (Technical term).

Push the tyres down over them.  Job done.


Some people like to put some sort of ‘concrete wall’ behind the tyres.  That is for another ‘How to . . . !’