The small track panels adapted.

We realise from our experience of selling scenic accessories – as well as our own personal experience – that a lot of people get a lot of fun from doing their own track scenery.

So we always knew there would be interest in bare wood panels people could decorate in the way they wanted. The very first sets of track panels we sold were a variation on the original ones for the small track.  Space for a small Pit Lane has been built in and even the extra room for the Pit Pro base piece  Obviously they are for a particular track design and a particular powerbase (the C7042 6-car base) shape has been cut in.  These also have extra depth in places for Digital lane change track sections with their extra depth. This means that all of the track sits flush with the surface of the MDF and scenery can be added straight on to it.

In the Gallery are some pictures of the start of the scenery but also of the latest photos James has sent us.  We hope that more pictures will follow, please James!

Other variations, as well a completely different designs and sizes, are possible.  Contact Us to ask.