After the Slot Car Festival

Apologies that we didn’t get a report out about Day 2 of the Festival on Sunday evening or yesterday but frankly we were so exhausted that we just needed a rest.  However we can now say that it was also a super day with more time to chat to customers and to let people race around our Silverstone track.  What was obviously a thrill for us was that our Silverstone was judged to be the “Best Track in the UK Slot Festival 2016” track display competition so we can now claim it is award winning!!  There are a few more pictures  below but we will aim to do a bigger feature on “Silverstone” later.  It is 7m x 4.5 m at its maximum and consists of 19 separate panels.  We were running it with a 6 car Digital powerbase using SSDC as our race management programme.  We would be willing to sell it so if you have a large space, or access to one, make us an offer!

It was also good to be able to talk about the possibilities that Robbie’s ability to cut and rout panels offers to others who want to have their own tracks and either do the scenery themselves or have us do it for them.  Nigel whose company owns Robbie the robot is keen to push this forward and has set up a kickstarter site to allow people to back us with a bit of money to get it off the ground.   There is a link to it here:

You don’t need to offer to buy a track but any amount you invest will be able to be reclaimed against whatever you want whether it is bare wood panels cut to the size and shape you want but it will always imply some benefit like a free CAD design service.  Have a look and feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.  Meanwhile here are the pictures, including me holding the Best track trophy and certificate together with Nigel, Brent who did some of the CAD for Silverstone and Martin Baines who is Chairman of the NSCC, who ran the competition.

Silverstone panels 12 - 15
Silverstone panels 12 – 15
Silverstone Panels 18 and 19
Silverstone Panels 18 and 19
Presentation of the Best Track award
Presentation of the Best Track award

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    • David Jessett says:

      Thanks Greg,
      If you are anywhere near the Midlands we hope to set it up and run it again in the summer. We can inform you if you are and are interested. Use the Contact Us form if you want to.

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