Meanwhile back at the build!

Apologies for the lack of news here.  We are really busy as the days tick by to the UK Slot Car Festival on 19 and 20 May at the British  Motor Museum.  We are getting there with our 5m x 2m version of the Catalunya track at Barcelona but we are wanting to get a lot of detail into it as well as just size.  So here is some detail from Panel 7,  All the figures in the foreground are available within our own range of figures or the SRA figures.  In the background is a hospitality area created with two of our TE2 Hospitality tents and a variety of figures.  Also on show are some advert boards and safety fencing.  More pictures here as well but come and see the whole thing at the festival.  It really is the big event of the year in the UK for slot car fans! .

Marshals on the Pit Wall
Tyres, AB 4 advert boards and FK2 fencing

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