Fixing tyres only?

We think our tyre wall looks great around bends or along parts of a Pit Lane.  It is quite easy to fix but just to save you time we offer a few suggestions here for doing it as quickly and accurately as possible.

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Begin by simply standing the pieces of tyre wall against the area of track you wish to fit them to.  (NB It is usually best to offset the tyres from the end of a piece of track or border as usually there is a place where you can’t attach a clip at each end.)
Place the tall part (‘tower’) of a clip where it will need to be to clip on to the track and line up with one of the stacks in the tyre wall.
Clip it on and fit the tyre wall over it.  (Be aware that the tyres will be a tighter fit one way up than the other though either way will work OK.)
Put the next clip against a stack near the other end of the tyre wall.  (You have to be quite precise to match up with the columns of tyres. )
Swing the tyre wall out of the way and attach the second clip. (Two clips per length of tyre wall will be quite enough.)
Repeat the process for the other pieces of tyre wall.

Happy track-building and racing,

To find out aboiut combining fencing and tyre wall click here.

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