Fixing fence and tyres?

Putting both Tyre Wall and Safety Fencing around one of your corners can create a great effect but can just be a little tricky at first.  Here are some tips to save yourself some time and frustration.

Pictures to follow
Points to bear in mind:

When fixing fencing and tyres do the fencing first.  (The tyres offer more flexibility of fixing positions.)

Place the tall part (‘tower’) of a clip on each stanchion with the lower part pointing forward like a shoe.

Fix the clips to the track to stretch the fence out.  (NB It is usually best to offset the fence from the end of a piece of track or border as usually there is a place where you can’t attach a clip at each end.  Repeat this to make sure any other pieces of fence will clip on.)

Make sure that the clips are pushed right on to the track so that they are fully horizontal.  (flat).  Any variation at the base is exaggerated at the top of the stanchion and can cause bulging of the fence.

To do the tyres, it may be easier to remove the fence (but not its clips ) temporarily.  Then reverse the new ‘tyre’ clips so the ‘tower ‘ is closest to the track and push the tyre wall down on to it.

You have to be quite precise to match up with the columns of tyres.

Be aware that the tyres will be a tighter fit one way up than the other though either way will work OK.

Two clips per length of tyre wall will be quite enough.  You can sometimes even let the tyre wall rest up against a fence post but it is more secure if two clips are used.

Once the tyres are in place, if you have removed the fencing replace it then.

Happy track-building and racing,

NB the fencing can be used with Scalextric armco in front.  The armco has to be the full 350mm lengths so that the ‘legs’ on the armco match up to the fence stanchions.  This works fine with straights and shallower curves but is not recommended for Radius 1 corners.  With other corners it is up to you to see what you like.  Fencing and tyres are fine on any curve.

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