Two nights worth in one.

I missed last night’s post about the Barcelona circuit we are building for the UK Slot Car Festival, so here are two. Panels 9 and 10 are the last two of the lap.  Here are some pictures.  They show the tyre walls, advert boards and fencing that fit into our Clips for wood or clips […]

Only 23 days left to get Barcelona ready for racing!

So another day, another update on the track we are building for the UK Slot Car Festival. The aim is to create a 5 metre x 2 metre version of the  Catalunya circuit which hosts the Spanish Grand Prix, with elevation changes that reflect the real circuit..  Yesterday I mentioned our attempts to create the […]

New Barcelona track coming soon – we hope!

Yes, with the UK Slot Car Festival coming again soon we are working on a large version of the Catalunya circuit at Barcelona.  When we built our Silverstone two years ago we used sand for paths and Summer Grass ‘flock’ for grassed areas, both over an earth brown emulsion base coat.  The ‘grass’ came out […]

‘Barcelona’ for the UK Slot Car Festival! 25 days to go!!

Missed getting this post up last night as I was travelling yesterday.  Just a few more pictures of the 5 metre x 2 metre version of the Catalunya circuit we are making for the UK Slot Car Festival at the British Motor Museum on 19 and 20 May.  I will say more tonight but here are some […]