Welcome to our web-site!  We are here to provide you with the products you need to make your Scalextric (or other Slot car) circuit look as realistic as possible.  To buy some of our Products for your track go to our ShopThere, Le Mans and DTM fans can see our new logo packs for those:  Le Mans logos Pack A and DTM logos Pack A To see what others have done go to our Circuits Page.  We have just added a new feature on a circuit that Paul in the West Midlands of the UK has built and some new photos of Brian’s circuit in Australia.  Or check out the How to . . . page where we have now completed our guide to painting figures.    And click on this link for our latest News  where we have just added an item on the visit that Guy and I made to Bearwood Scalextric Club last week.  And within our shop we have added some advice on how to base our Fig 7 Pit Board men with pictures.
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