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Latest News!!  We are currently building a new web-site and aim to launch it before Christmas.  Do keep coming back!  Or email us for information about any recently released products.  Recent releases include : Two sets of seated Pit crew Figures (Fig. 8 and Fig. 9)!! Plus, more Accessories and Chairs for spectators or Pit Crew!!  Email us for details..   .(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Welcome to our site!    We are here to help you make your Scalextric (or whatever kind of slot-car) experience more fun by producing products to make your circuits more realistic.  You can't order directly from this site but simply e-mail us for a quote.(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )We'll give you a price with shipping and you can pay by PayPal or credit card.

To see a full list of our products go to our Catalogue page  And for more details go to Our Products and search for the ones that particularly interest you. Some of our recent and future products are below.

Here is a picture of our Pit Lane with some of our new Timing Stands. and figures on them. 



 This is what one customer thought of them : " Hi guys, I bought some pit wall sections off you this weekend at Gaydon.  Just like to say how pleased I am with your product, row of six fitted perfectly in my track, and they look amazing! Can't wait until your additions for them are on sale." - Mark - UK.

We are really pleased to be able to share our first video of our home track with you.  Here are some Porsche Boxters running on Scalextric Digital, and using SSDC (Scalextric Sport Digital Console - an excellent Race Management system).  This is a scenic module which we have created with our products.  Enjoy!

 We hope to add more videos over time but there are lots of other pictures of our products as well as ideas for how to use them to make your tracks look more realistic. 

 Craig has just sent us some more pictures of the new Rally section he has added to his track.  Go to our Circuits Gallery or follow this link.    

We have recently acquired some old (SRA) metal figures.  Go to our People page to see the first of them!

 Here is the a recent addition to our range - DRS markers!!   

drs marker boards drs contents

Each pack has 4 marker boards, four bases and 4 DRS signs.   There are also instructions for decorating the base. All you need to find is some glue for sticking paper to plastic. They cost £3.15 per pack and the Order code is DRS 1.

  img 0482

We have added some pictures of our more recent Accessories under Products.

Here you can see a Cone (Acc. 1) and some FIre Extinguishers (Acc. 4) making a Marshall's Post look more realistic.


And now we have just added a new Circuit to our Gallery.  Have a look at Brunswick Raceway.    

To see all our products click on All in One packs or Products in the menu on the left.  To order any of our Products click on How to Order in the left hand menu.  We send all over the world and you can now pay by PayPal, by Credit card, by electronic bank transfer or, if you are in the UK, you can pay by Cheque.  Just e-mail us with your order.
We have products, free hints and tips and perhaps some inspiration to help you to add realism to your Scalextric track and give you more enjoyment from your circuit building and racing. 
  What kind of circuit builder are you?  'Permanent', 'semi-permanent' or'temporary'.  Go to Types of Circuit to find out more.

Or if you can’t wait to see what we have produced so far, go to Our Products.
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